I started Chris’ GMod Comic – CGMC for short – in 2007, after I read ‘Concerned’ by Christopher Livingston — which, sadly, no longer appears to exist.

I decided to start making my own comics in Garry’s Mod – GMod for short – and created a subdirectory on my website (curquhart.co.uk) in which to host them. I had so many ideas, I was putting out a comic a day for nearly a month. In the end, it got to the point where I ran out of ideas and starting updating whenever I got one — and thus the ‘Updates Whenever’ tagline was born.

Eventually, the comic was moved from curquhart.co.uk/gmod to the root directory, as I realised more people were reading the comic than downloading the games and other random things I had created in Visual Basic. Readership grew, and updates continued.

Then I decided to get a proper domain for the comic, and thus chrisgmodcomic.com was founded. The original host was 1&1 Internet, but I opted to move to FatCow as they were a cheaper host. But 1&1 royally screwed me over, and didn’t properly transfer ownership of the domain to the new hosts. So, once my plan with FatCow expired, the domain expired with it and I was unable to renew. (Consequently, I still harbour a very deep hatred of 1&1 Internet.)

And so, the domain was lost to the Internet, swapping from host to host and generally being hard to get a hold of. So I gave up, and moved the comic back to curquhart.co.uk — but since most of my readers were familiar with the .com, not all of them followed CGMC back to curquhart.co.uk, and thus my readership took a nosedive.

I eventually stopped making comics in 2012 — but now, three years later, I find myself wanting to do it again. I finally managed to get my hands on chrisgmodcomic.com, which is being hosted by my uncle, and I am now in the process of spreading the word about the comic’s return.

It will be a hard path to travel, but I know I must undertake every step.

If you are reading this, please… spread the word.